Sichuan Jiannanchun Group Co., Ltd.
  Sichuan Jiannanchun Group Co., Ltd., located in Mianzhu, a famous historical and cultural city in western Sichuan, is the famous large-scale non-state-owned shareholding liquor enterprise in China.

The company makes liquor management as its major business with the total assets of 4.8 billion Yuan and more than 7000 employees. For many years, Jiannanchun Group keeps sustaining stable development. Since 1998, the companys general management strength, investment-production efficiency, earning capacity, debt payment ability, operation ability and development ability rank the top of the industry;thus the company is honored one of the Three Leaders of Chinese Liquor Industry. On April, 2007, Jiannanchun Group was

awarded Top Ten Non-State Owned Enterprises of Sichuan by the Provincial Peoples Government.
  The company has awarded the first Following Contract and Observing Credit Enterprise in China, China Top Competitive Large Enterprise Group, Special Prize for Quality-Beneficial Advanced Unit and Advanced unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction. The company has passed ISO9001 Quality Control System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Management System and national registration authentication on marks of origin. The company is entitled to product export.

The Companys leading product, Jiannanchun, became the imperial liquor as early as

before 1200, which was recorded in Tang Dezong Record. It was also listed for the famous liquor in Tang Dynasty History Supplement written by Li Zhao, Secretary of Emperor.
  Jiannanchun Tianyilaohao Brewery Site was listed in China Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2004. This site is from Zuge Temple in northwest of Mianzhu to Wangma Alley in southeast, with the length of about 500 meters, width of about 240 meters and the total area of 120,000 square meters, equal to the area of 16 football grounds. It is rare in the world for its large scale, complete production factors, perfect conservation and the original live cultural site that is still in use until now, which is the important discovery for industrial archaeology in the modern history of China. In 2006, Jiannanchun Brewery Site was selected for the 6th national cultural heritage conservation unit approved by the State Council and listed in the Prepara tory Directory for World Cultural Heritages of
  For thousands of years, Jiannanchun liquor has been popular among Chinese people and left many poems and stories for its elegant quality, classic imperial-liquor status and unique taste. As the imperial liquor of Tang Dynasty that carries on till now, Jiannanchun has been awarded "Chinese Famous Liquor"; Jiannanchun has been approved as "Chinese Famous Brand" by State Administration for Industry and Commerce; Jiannanchun brand has been approved as China Time-Honored Brand by the Ministry of Commerce.The production technology of Jiannanchun liquor is the representative of the top level of the top level of the current liquor brewing technology in China.Following traditional technology and making improvement and innovation, Jiannanchun liquor holds much popularity among
customers at home and abroad for its unique style. On May, 2005, Sichuan Jiannanchun Group Co., Ltd., was awarded pure grain solid-state fermented liquor mark by China Food Industrial Association, becoming the first enterprise that is approved to use the mark of pure grain solid-state fermented liquor in China. The use and promotion of pure grain solid-state fermented liquor mark in liquor industry also indicated that Chinese senior liquors have their own identity cards. On July, 2005, with pure grain solid-state fermented liquor mark and the new packaging of upgrading anti-fake mark, Jiannanchun came into the market and was popular among customers. In 2007, Jiannanchun traditional brewing technology was selected for national intangible cultural heritages.

The perfect quality management system ensures the perfection of products. Jiannanchun, Jiannanchun Collector, Jiannanchun aged Liquor and its more than 30 serial brands such as Dongfanghong, Jinjiannan, Yinjiannan, Jiannan Laojiao, Jiannanfu, Mianzhu Daqu have been awarded national, ministerial and provincial quality prizes for many times with increasing product recognition and reputation and enlarging market share , which still commands a good market.

In 2007, the company achieved the annual production and sale of beverages and liquors of 80 thousand tons and the sales income of 3.6 billion Yuan, increasing 15.6% to that of last year; achieved profit and tax of 1.16 billion Yuan, increasing 13% to that of last year and contributed national and local tax of 0.97 billion Yuan, increasing 23% to that of last year; its sales income and profit ranked the third in the similar industry of China.